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Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm PST
tonight. >> he'll focus on the new initiatives, manufacturing, infrastructure, education and clean energy. the president has made it clear and you can see this in some of what he has said to other reporters in build-up that none of the new initiatives are going to cost a dime. nonetheless there is every education that there be recommendation for the president on manufacturing to give more tax credit to spark more manufacturing in the united states as opposed to those who attempt to move it overseas. infrastructure roads bridges and tunnels and free up the money quicker. and on education look for a continuation that the president may portray clean education, but they're looking for more of a continuation of existing plans tax incentives, credits to companies who are creating things like solar energy. >> john: we have super environmentists coming to discuss those proposals but this president seems to be getting two bits of advice from his supporters and detractors. go big and don't spend any money. is it possible to do those thing at once. >> you can go big politically without going big in
Feb 14, 2013 5:00pm PST
of the core ideas that the president laid out, it was a very nice speech and of course, the emotional energy being undone, you wonder if any of it can happen. >> john: even if they don't happen, are these wins for the president. if he fails on assault weapons and has a future massacre, you own this. problems on minimum wage, he looks good going into 2014, people will remember the president who fought for the working class? >> winning for him now is different. he's in a second termen where historical analysis and historical perspective is what he cares about. he's not fighting for re-election. he needs results after eight years so he can say here's what we got done. i still think the fundamental metric will be middle class incomes after eight years of president obama be up or down. if its adown then i think the historical record will be yes he brought us back from the precipice but somehow did not restore the trend line. that was the focus of what he was talking about. whether the pieces are there whether it happens, we have to wait and see. >> john: i want to move on to mr. lapierrre. i know
Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm PST
think it's absolutely going to happen. the energy, synergy, the demand and attention is clearly clearly far different than anything we've ever seen before. we know the path forward. we are determined to get there. yes, i'm very hopeful. i absolutely think it can happen in this congress. i'm working hard every day along with all of those families whose loved ones were killed and injured. i was in d.c. the last two days with over 120 gun violence survivors. we're lobbying congress and we expect our friends and family back home to do the same thing. >> john: i think lori is right that it may take a while to get this to happen, but with newtown still fresh in everyone's minds can the president shame congress into action? >> i'm not sure. he can, but i think the american public can over 92% of people polled support a background check. even 75% of nra members and gun owners like myself support a background check. the n ra doesn't oppose the fact that when i go for a duck hunting license i'm limited to three rounds because we need to protect the duck population. but they don't support banning
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3